We work with our clients in many different ways, depending on the specific challenges and opportunities we are asked to address, available budget, and desired timetable for completion of the assignment.

Our business focus is described below. Assignments in the primary practice areas are administered by Mr. Puccio, personally, while affiliated practice area assignments, which typically require more highly-specialized training and skills are handled by principals of affiliated consulting organizations.

Compensation arrangements are quite flexible, and based on the client’s needs and interests. Typically our compensation is structured in one of the following ways:

  • Per Diem
    A per diem fee is typically chosen by clients who have need for general business consultation and advice, but are not looking for in-depth project management or development guidance. Per Diem fees are negotiated based on the number of days per week, or month, an engagement is expected to last, and the per diem fee decreases as the number of days per week (or month) increases.
  • Monthly Retainer
    A monthly retainer entitles the client to a specified number of consulting hours or days each month, which the consultant agrees to make available, as needed
  • Project Fee
    Project fees are used in situations where the client has specific, well-defined goals and objectives in a specific business area (such as developing and introducing a new product, or creating a franchise marketing program) and the consultant undertakes the project in its entirety. The project fee is based on a written proposal outlining goals and objectives, scope of work, completion timetable and the consultants who will complete the assignment.
  • Organizational or Functional Area Audits
    Functional area audits are typically 30-day assignments, while organizational audits may be somewhat longer in duration. They’re designed to focus on a specific functional area (or the total organization), current staffing, internal and external relationships, productivity, and its contribution to the achievement of corporate goals and objectives. This service is available for all line and staff functions and compensation is typically structured on a project fee basis.
  • Interim Management
    A relatively new and increasingly popular consulting alternative. In this relationship, the client “hires” a consultant to take over a specific business area or function as an interim member of the senior management team. In that role, which could last for several months, or longer, the consultant performs assigned tasks within the department or business area assigned while also providing an overview and evaluation of the organization and other members of the senior management team. Interim Management fees can either take the form of a weekly or bi-weekly salary (with no benefits) or a lower salary with benefits. The Interim Management approach is particularly useful if the client is looking for a permanent department head or senior manager, in that both parties have an opportunity to work together and evaluate the desirability of a more permanent, longer-term working relationship.

Primary Practice Areas

  • Business Start-up & Growth Planning
  • Business Turnaround, Planning & Execution
  • Executive Search
  • Franchise Development & Sales
  • Franchisor / Franchisee Relations
  • International Business Development
  • Marketing, Advertising & Sales Promotion
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • New Product/Concept Ideation & Development
  • Operations Management
  • Organization Planning & Development
  • Real Estate/Site Selection
  • Strategic Planning

Affiliated Practice Areas

  • Food Processing/Automation
  • Legal Services
  • Management Information Services
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain & Logistics