With more than 35 years experience in the franchise industry, working with large franchisors, and in a senior management role with a large franchisee organization we offer a unique, experience-driven approach to franchise consulting.

Our franchising clients include individuals interested in becoming franchise owners, business owners interested in franchising their business, and franchisors (both start up and established) looking to grow the size and scope of their franchisee network.

With decades of corporate executive management experience in operations, marketing, concept/product development, and strategic planning with large, successful franchisors, our organization also helps franchise chains improve their performance in each of these important functional disciplines.

Are You Interested In Franchise Ownership?

We can help you find the right franchise by:

  • Developing your personal profile, outlining your specific personal and business goals and objectives
  • Identifying franchise business categories that best fit your profile
  • Selecting specific franchise opportunities, for further analysis and review
  • Communicating with the most attractive franchisors, and existing franchisees
  • Structuring the business relationship between you, and the franchisor you select.
  • Acting as your ongoing consulting resource as a franchise owner, as needed

Would You Like To Franchise Your Business?

We work with prospective franchisors through a two step process. The first step is to determine if your business is suitable for franchising, the second step involves developing the roadmap to get you there.

Step One:

  • Evaluate the competitive environment, to determine if the market for your products and services is already being served by other established franchise chains and/or independent business operators
  • Conduct a “Business Model Operations Audit”, used to identify possible modifications in your current operating model that may be needed to make it ”franchisee friendly”.
  • Conduct a “Franchise Readiness Audit” to determine what may be needed in the areas of Corporate human and financial resources to ensure you have the financial staying power, and experienced, professional people in place to franchise aggressively and professionally.

Step Two:

  • Develop a business plan, outlining your five year vision for the development and expansion of the new franchise entity, and its financial performance expectations
  • Work with franchise attorneys in preparing all of the franchise documents you’ll need to meet your legal requirements in the geographic areas you’ve designated for development and expansion.
  • Develop all of the franchise sales and marketing programs and materials you’ll need to professionally present your franchise product. This typically includes web site development, Power Point presentation, printed sales brochures and materials, and franchise trade show booth materials and equipment.
  • Develop the franchise marketing and sales plan
  • Become, on an Interim Management basis, your senior franchising officer
  • Act as your sales resource, at regional and national franchise trade shows, as needed
  • Participate in the initial franchise candidate evaluation and review process, which may also involve Discovery Day presentation content development
  • Act as your initial and ongoing consulting resource once you’ve become an established franchisor, as needed

Are You An Established Franchisor, Looking For More Qualified Franchisees?

You’re certainly not alone, and as we’ve watched the franchise sales process evolve over the past three decades from a “wait for the phone to ring” mentality to an a more proactive and competitive electronic and social media “battle” among franchisors, it’s clear that “business as usual” just isn’t good enough.

We can help make your franchise sales efforts more productive, by:

  • Conducting a “Franchise Development Audit” designed to review and evaluate all of the components in your franchise development and sales efforts, including:
  • Web site & social media
  • All lead generation resources
  • Franchise sales organization
  • Candidate qualification & selection process
  • Franchise agreement terms & conditions
  • Franchise Marketing & Sales Plan
  • Recommending modifications to your existing franchise development and sales efforts, based on findings from the “Franchise Development Audit”
  • Becoming, on an Interim Management basis, your senior franchise development officer, if/when appropriate

Are You An Established Franchisor Looking To Improve Operations, Make Your Marketing Efforts More Productive, or Create A New Brand or Concept?

Our people have worked as CEO’s, COO’s, EVP’s , and Senior VP’s in marketing and operations with several large, successful franchisors, and have created/developed two new foodservice brands/concepts, from ideation to operating prototypes. We know all of these areas very well.

Contact us. We can help!